Extremely helpful...

Lynn was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. She was available whenever we had a question/concern and always returned phone calls and emails promptly. She went the extra mile to make sure the process went smoothly and without a hitch. It was easy to entrust our transaction in the hands of Lynn because she came across as very knowledgeable and trustworthy.

When selecting an agent I was weary of choosing someone that put their own interests ahead of ours. I never felt that way with Lynn. She listened to our concerns/requests and seemed to genuinely care about getting us in a home we would love. I really appreciated the honest feedback she provided us.

I highly recommend Lynn to anyone looking to purchase a home in North Seattle! She knows how to get it done in an often complex and very competitive market.


Our agent Lynn Blind was incredibly informative, patient, knew her market place & enjoyed her work. We as first time home buyers had many questions and needed much guidance which she was able to provide. She went on multiple other listings in the areas we were looking to review in advance and based off our details let us know homes to look at or not. even if she found something she said to pass on that we wanted to see (and ultimately she was right) she was patient and happy to show the home to us.

Our agent also went on a late evening showing the day before the superbowl to show us the home. we then went into negotiations up to the start of the superbowl (in which our home team was playing) and immediately continued negotiations after the game on our behalf, coming to an agreement late the evening of the game.

Above and beyond anything we could have expected...

Lynn is the best agent I've had the pleasure to meet. If it weren't for Lynn, we wouldn't have been in the position of our best offer. She is the only reason we just closed on our first house. Thanks Lynn!!!

Very professional...

A knowledgeable expert, Lynn answered all my questions and some I hadn't thought of, but also a very personal, caring service. I purchased a condo that the seller was renting out, so could have been a tricky deal, but Lynn knew exactly how to protect my interests. Lynn knew how to structure the offer so the renter would be out, and the condo would be clean and in good condition. She was proactive in advising me every step of the way, I always felt confident that my interests were well taken care of . She always offered to help in any way she could and I would be delighted to have Lynn as my agent in any future sale or purchase.

A first time home buyer...

I knew almost nothing about buying a house. I could not have been more pleased with the personal attention I received from Lynn Blind as she walked me through the whole process, giving me all the information I needed to make informed decisions. Lynn's willingness to personally handle necessary appointments during the buying process when I was unavailable, such as a sewer line inspection, and oversight of furnace repairs, was really above and beyond the call. She is the perfect combination of an intelligent, articulate business professional, and a sweet, caring friend. That is far more than I would have expected from an agent I had just met.

I have already given her name out to multiple friends and family members who will be following up with Lynn when they are ready to buy/sell. Lynn Blind is amazing. I will continue to recommend her for many years to come.